Genius Uses For Toilet Paper Rolls

Toilet paper is obviously a household staple. But every time you throw away the empty toilet paper roll, you’re missing out on some seriously awesome ways to use them.


As it turns out, empty toilet paper rolls are far more handy and versatile than you probably ever imagined. Need proof? Here are 10+ genius ideas on how to use them!

Create a storage container for toy cars

Rather than having your child’s toy cars scattered throughout the house, create this nice little toilet paper roll garage. It’s perfect and neat!


Make a Butterfly Sanctuary

Love butterflies? Attract them by building them their very own oasis. Along with other supplies, like pipe cleaners, yarn, and some dried fruit in bottle caps – they’ll have their own little piece of heaven in your backyard.


Bird Feeder

Cover a roll with peanut butter, and then coat with bird seeds. Hang with a piece of string or place on a branch and watch the birds enjoy their feast!


Organize Your Cords

Wrap up cords in a toilet paper roll to keep them neat and organized. The best part is that you won’t have to untangle them! You can paint them or add colorful ribbon for a personalized touch.


Decorative art mirror

Add some decoration to the walls by creating this decorative art mirror. First, cut the roll into smaller sections and then glue them together. Finally, place them around a mirror.

If interested, you click here for the full step-by-step tutorial.



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